How to fill in Cookie/Token on scan information FB account tool?

1, How to get Facebook Token Full?

- Get token full right here with "Case 2" and copy {"session_key"..."}.

(Get token full)

OK. Token full will be similar: {"session_key":"5.8Rn4KgKMmy8xdg.1591462410.37-100050783480 ... ,"access_token":"EAAAAUaZA8jlABADY ... "}

2, How to get Facebook cookie?

2.1, Get cookie by HttpCanary (Android)

- Step 1: Dowload app HttpCanary.

(Dowload app HttpCanary)

- Step 2: Open app and Install HttpCanary Root certificate.

(click settings)

(click HttpCanary Root Ca settings)

(click Install HttpCanary Root certificate)

(click OK)

- Step 3: Add apps.

(click Target Apps)

(click +)

(Search Browser and add it)

(Done add Browser app)

(Click button start)

- Step 4: Go to Facebook on the added browser and reload the page.

(Reload page on Facebook)

(Click to view)

(Coppy Facebook cookie)

2.2, Get cookie by F12 on computer

- Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile:
- Step 2: press F12 on the keyboard and reload the page.

(Coppy Facebook cookie)

OK. Cookie will be similar: sb=VqZnXs_ExjcqQ7VHbbj_Gung; datr=VqZnXomK8ydyY63g7_D6JkTy; c_user=100045789526795; xs=48%3AIpvpI-v0ybgMeQ%3A2%3A1587435545%3A7625%3A6179; fr=1w3EkoCmyZn7TnrfV.AWVhrum-cT9MjxlA-uCMqH1W3pA.BeZ6ZW.fq.F6b.0.0.BennbS.AWXRcydY;

3, Fill in: Cookie/Token List

- You can fill in multiple accounts (Cookie or Token Full) to increase the number of scans on 1 use.
- Example:

Done. Good luck for you!